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Amoena 333 PurFit Adjustable Enhancer

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    Product Description

    Amoena 333 is the latest innovation by Amoena. The Amoena PurFit Adjustable Enhancer. PurFit can be positioned over the tissue expander gently fitting the cup of a bra and helping to feel more secure and confident. This is specially designed for wear during the reconstruction tissue expansion process. It has Ultra-lightweight for optimum all-day comfort impact resistant silicone protects delicate breast tissue. Product is extra-gentle to sensitive areas as it helps balance out a woman's silhouette. The clear silicone shell offers shape and support non-irritating fiberfill for use in adjusting volume. A soft breathable fabric cover holds silicone shell and fiberfill provides a hygienic environment. A washable fabric cover which is gentle to healing skin. Sizes available are 4 6 8 10 12 (See Amoena sizing chart).