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Jodee 92 Lightweight Swim Form

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    Jodee 92 Lightweight Swim Form

    Price: $99.00


    Product Description

    Jodee 92 Lightweight Mastectomy Swim Form: This heart-shaped lightweight silicone swim form is especially designed to wear in your swimsuit for swimming or exercising. The hollow back gives the form lighter weight and allows your swimsuit to look and fit better wet or dry. Can be worn on either right or left side just rotate the form until you get a good fit. Adjusts to body temperature so it always feels like a part of you. Hollow back to fit various types of surgery. Properly weighted to restore body balance. Not affected by chlorine or salt water. Hand wash lukewarm water with mild soap towel dry. Sizes C3-C11 (see Jodee breast forms sizing chart). Two year replacement warranty