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How to Choose a Mast. Bra

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Measurement for your band size first:

With a bra on, measure your body directly under the bust line. If the measurement is an odd number, add 5 inches. If it is even, add 4 inches. This is your band size.

To measure your Cup Size:

With a bra on, measure the fullest part of your breast from your breastbone across your nipple to the center of your back on the side that did not have the unilateral mastectomy, and double that measurement. Subtract the band measurement from this size. The resulting difference equates to your cup size as follows: 1 inch difference = A cup, 2 inch difference = B cup, 3 inch difference = C cup, and so on.

If you had a bilateral mastectomy, simply refer to any of the breast form size chart using only your band measurement and choose which cup size you would like to be. Then, find the corresponding breast form size on the chart.


There are three distinct profiles to describe breast shape: shallow, average, and full. The profile type is not dependent on cup size. For example a D cup may actually have a shallow profile and an A cup may have a full profile.

Shallow Profile breast form or Mastectomy Bra Average Profile breast form or Mastectomy Bra Full Profile breast form or Mastectomy Bra
The breast tissue drapes in the lower cup of the bra and is often seen on the mature woman with soft breast tissue. The shallow profile customer requires a bra with a small bottom cup to push the breast tissue up. There is an equal amount of breast tissue on the top and bottom of the breast, with a more rounded appearance in the upper cup area. The average profile customer usually has firm breast tissue and a round profile. Full profile breast has the roundest appearance. The full profile customer requires a bra that provides not only bottom cup support but also support and coverage for the upper part of the breast.