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Amoena 167 Back Pad & Foils

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    Amoena 167 Back Pad & Foils

    Price: $8.76


    Product Description

    The Amoena 167 back pad allows attachable breast forms to be worn traditionally in a pocketed bra. Foils cover the adhesive back during storage to protect against dirt and lint. Additional accessory for the Amoena #384 Contact breast form (see Amoena ACCESSORIES). Order size 1 for breast form sizes 1-2; Order size 3 for form sizes 3-4; Order size 5 for form sizes 5-6; Order size 7 for form sizes 7-8; Order size 9 for form sizes 9-10; Order size 11 for form sizes 11-12; Order size 13 for form sizes 13-14.