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Amoena 216 Premium Priform Fiberfilled  Form

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    Amoena 216 Premium Priform Fiberfilled Form

    Price: $52.00


    Product Description

    Amoena 216 Priform Fiber filled Breast Form is fabric covered and fiber-filled this symmetric shaped breast form is ideal for post mastectomy surgery or casual wear. The lightweight fabric-covered fiberfill form features a silver ions anti-bacterial back. Extremely light this form fits shallow to average shapes and puts very little pressure on surgery or radiation sites for maximum comfort and softness. This form is cloth covered and washable and the cool absorbent cotton backing makes it a good choice for outdoor activities and hot climates. The small footprint is great for bilateral surgeries and the feather-light weight addresses problems associated with arthritis lymphedema or muscle weakness. Easy to adjust form to the right fullness by adding or removing fiberfill. Package includes extra fiberfill. Available in beige only. Sizes available are 1/2 3/4 5/6 7/8 9/10 11/12 13/14. (See Amoena Breast Form sizing chart)