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Amoena 328 Adapt Air

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    Amoena 328 Adapt Air

    Price: $299.00


    Product Description

    The Adapt Air Xtra Light 1SN 328 can be adjusted simply by adding or releasing air easily at anytime. It has innovative air chamber technology, and it is customisable to every chest wall for a close fit and perfect skin contact.

    The key benefits of this new form are:

    • Ability to individually adjust because of the integrated air chamber.
    • Comfortable customisable to every chest wall for a close contact fit.
    • There is a layer of temperature-equalizing comfort+ layer
    • The structured back side of form provides for ventilation and flexibility
    • The front side (cup area) includes soft InTouch Light silicone, 40% lighter than regular weighted breast forms in similar sizes.
    • Available in the new modern 2SN shape for an average cup form.
    • includes a personal pump.