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Amoena 376 Adapt Light 3A Breast Form

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    Amoena 376 Adapt Light 3A Breast Form

    Price: $249.99


    Product Description

    A new moldable asymmetric breast form reinvented to fit the unique shape of your body. Especially comfortable if surgery left you with an uneven chest wall. The body-forming moldable fit silicone has an integrated temperature-equalizing Comfort+ technology. The form's soft pearl surface with a new design allows air to flow freely behind the form, reducing moisture. Lightweight In Touch silicone layer and super-soft film makes this form feel comfortable and secure all day long. Serves a variety of different post-surgery needs. Sizes 4 - 12 (See Amoena sizing chart or call 1-866-699-9612 (Pacific Time Zone) for assistance in sizing. Choose right or left side.