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Nearly Me 20-362 Breast Enhancers

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    Nearly Me 20-362 Breast Enhancers

    Price: $60.00


    Product Description

    Nearly Me breast enhancers are the most comfortable and best fitting breast enhancers on the market. They move and feel like natural tissue and are undetectable while wearing. Choose from two different weights: standard or extra lightweight. Made of 100% silicone gel encapsulated in a thin polyurethane skin that makes them supple and lifelike. Available in three sizes to add cleavage or create a fuller figure and two colors to match a variety of skin tones. Enhancers are worn in the lower section of the cup positioned under the breast. The correct size is dependent on the desired effect. For a full breasted look with out surgery. Estimated change: Size 2 increases 1 Cup size size 3 increases 2 cup sizes sizes 4 increases 2-3 cup sizes. Colors: Beige.  Size 2: 5.35 inch length 3.75 inch width 1.35 height (thickness); Size 3: 5.5 inch length 4 inch width 1.4 inch length (thickness); Size 4: 6 inch length 4.5 inch width 1.5 inch height (thickness).