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Nearly Me 265 Lite Triangle Breast Form

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    Product Description

    The Nearly Me Lites line of breast forms has been redesigned with a new softer and more resilient outer skin that feels more like natural tissue than ever before. This new supple film is more matte in appearance to mimic the look of natural tissue. The super soft silicone gel is 25% lighter in weight than standard silicone. Perfect for many women as they age and their body shape and natural breast matures over time. Triangle shape with a greater profile to match a rounder fuller figure. Short full top wing that allows the breast form to sit lower on the chest and still lie flat against the body. Full oval for greater projection and wider chest walls. Lighter in weight for women who have lost denseness in their natural breast yet still maintain natural shape. Perfect weight when standard gel is too heavy and extra lightweight too light. Softer more comfortable than some other types of forms when skin sensitivity may be an issue. Mimics the look and feel of softer more mature breast tissue. Sizes 1-12 (See Nearly Me breast form sizing chart). Colors: Beige or Soft Sable by special order. Two year warranty.  Additional breast form covers are Nearly Me 18-005.(See Nearly Me breast form sizing chart)