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Nearly Me 355 Extra Light Flowable Back Butterfly Form

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    Nearly Me 355 Extra Light Flowable Back Butterfly Form

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    Product Description

    Extra Lightweight Flowable Back Butterfly Breast Form has a special flowable silicone gel back that has been designed specifically to fit women who have uneven chest walls after breast surgery. With today's modified surgeries more natural tissue is being left on a woman's body making it difficult for a breast form to make full contact against the chest. Without good contact a form may feel heavy and move around in a bra. The #355 solves these problems because it is made with two unique silicone formulations. The front is very soft super-lightweight whipped silicone that is 35% lighter than standard weight silicone. The back has a layer of clear flowable silicone that moves or flows into any depressions and away from any fuller areas. Each form is encapsulated in a thin polyurethane membrane that is soft supple yet durable. This extra lightweight silicone breast form is also recommended for women who have a problem with heavier silicone forms due to health issues such as arthritis or who may have less dense natural breast tissue remaining. Whipped silicone gel forms are very popular because they are lighter but the decision to wear a lighter form should be considered carefully. The butterfly shape is similar to the classic asymmetrical shape except that it can be turned in different directions and can fit either side of the body. The straight edge can be turned toward the under-arm or toward the center of the chest for the best fit. Nipple placement and apex matches drape of mature breast.  Additional breast form covers are Nearly Me 17-900. 2 year manufacturer's warranty. Made in U.S.A.!! Available colors are beige or soft sable (special order). Sizes 1-10 (See Nearly Me sizing chart).